About #

Hi! I’m Evie (/ˈɛv.i/) , aka Pk11 or Epicpkmn11 on some older accounts. I’m a trans girl who likes likes programming, particularly DS(i) homebrew, and am trying to learn Japanese, haven’t taken like proper classes on it or anything but decided one day to set all my computers to Japanese and just hoped I could figure it out lol. For programming I mostly code in C++ since that’s a language you can use for DS(i) homebrew, but I also know some Python, JavaScript, and a bit of Java.

I don’t like talking about myself much so that’s all for this, here’s about every public account I have for things that I can remember because I felt like finding them to see how many I had:

Main // Sites I use frequently #

Other // Sites I sometimes use, from here on the ordering is alphabetical #

  • AO3: Evie11 // I read some trans Harry Potter fan fics sometimes on here
  • Crowdin: Pk11 // Universal-Team and DS-Homebrew translations are all on my account, contact me if you need anything related to them ^_^
  • GitLab: Pk11 // I helped out a bit with the Yamamura Discord bot and it was on here
  • Reddit: Evie_11 // Sometime I try to help on a DS homebrew subreddit or look at trans memes or so
  • Scribble Hub: Evie11 // If you want some good transbian stories, check my ‘読んでいる’ (reading) and ‘読んだ’ (read) lists ;P
  • Twitch: Evie11_ // I don’t stream, I watch a few sometimes though
  • YouTube: Pk11, Pk11 (old account) // I watch a lot of YouTube, but don’t post much

Random // Sites I rarely use and/or are kinda random #

  • Chief Delphi: Epicpkmn11 // I was in robotics in high school, I haven’t been on here since
  • Colors! Live: Evie11 // I posted my recent avatars here since they were made in Colors!, but DS support has been removed now so can’t do more
  • Dailymotion: Pk11 // Uploaded a few Pokémon and Dinosaur King OP’s here, most got taken down for copyright
  • DEV: Pk11 // Like twitter for coding or something? idk, hacktoberfest said I’d get a badge thingy so I made an account
  • Fandom: Epicpkmn11 // I updated a little bit of the Dinosaur King things
  • Gravatar: Epicpkmn11: // A couple sites make me use this for my avatar
  • LINE Timeline: Pk11 // I use LINE for texting and this is a thing I guess
  • Listen.moe: Pk11 // When I get bored of my iTunes songs sometimes I listen on here
  • MangaDex: Evie11 // I don’t read much manga, just a few trans ones (on my MDList thing)
  • Minecraft: Pk11 // Don’t have a link for this one, but Minecraft’s fun ;P
  • MobileRead: Pk11 // An eReader forum, as of now I haven’t done much here
  • The Mod Archive: Pk11 // I haven’t even done anything so I forget why I even made an account
  • nesdev: Pk11 // Made this so I could talk to nocash about Unlaunch
  • Niconico: エヴィー // I’ve made an UTAU cover here, if I make anything else in UTAU or VOCALOID I’ll put it here too
  • Ninja Kiwi: Epicpkm11 // BTD 4 and 5 are fun so I play them sometimes, kinda annoying now since Flash is dead tho
  • Scratch: Epicpkmn11 // lol, I did a couple things on here in 8th grade
  • Steam: Pk11 // I don’t play PC games much
  • piapro: pk11 // Mainly just have this so I can download Edit songs in Project DIVA F 2nd
  • PlayStation: evie11_ (Japan), epicpkmn11 (USA) // Project DIVA is fun
  • Spotify: epicpkmn11 // Don’t use it much as I usually use my iPod nano 6 (the best smart watch)
  • Theme Plaza: Epicpkmn11 // My Suicune theme is the one I use on all my 3DS’s
  • Thingiverse: Pk11 // I put any 3D models I make for printing on here
  • Transifex: Pk11: // A couple things I’ve helped translate use this
  • Wikipedia: Epicpkmn11 (en, ja) // I’ve just made some minor corrections to a few things
  • Xbox Live: Epicpkmn11 // I don’t think I’ve used an Xbox in like 5 years lol

If you’re curious, I started switching to Pk11 somewhere around early to mid 2019 since I didn’t like being called ‘epic’ for short, I’ve retroactively changed as many things as I could to Pk11, but its often unavailable since its short and thus commonly taken and sometimes even too short to use outright, in which case I’ll usually still fall back to Epicpkmn11 or sometimes add an underscore.

The name origin is that a friend’s friend’s Minecraft account that I used to use was ‘epic1236’ and when signing up for Pokémon Trainer Club to like play Pokémon flash games or so that came to mind so epic + pkmn, but that was taken so Epicpkmn1? nope, Epicpkmn11? yep, and thus became my online name lol. 11 has since become a number I like because of that so I’ve kept it for the most part. And I shortened to Pk11 since pk was always the part I liked shortening to the most.

Devices #

Since I’m in the mood for things about me in list form, I figured why not go over the devices I use a lot ;P


  • MacBook Air (Mid 2013) // Probably favorite laptop of all time so far and still feels like new in 2021, though I do prefer the iBook G4’s keyboard
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008) // 13 years old, wow, still runs great unless I try to run a game more intense than Minecraft or so
  • iBook G4 (Mid 2005) // Haven’t used this as much recently, but one of my all time top laptops and still works quite well for its age



Profile pics #

I’ve kept every revision I’ve made to my profile pics over the years and Dropbox even has the last edit dates, though the times for any of these before near 2020 may actually not be quite when I started using them (especially the first one, I feel like that’s gotta be more like 2012) but definitely feel about right for when I was using them for most.

  • 2014-05-04 - Epicpkmn11 1.png // I made this for my YouTube way back when I was trying to make Minecraft videos

    Epicpkmn11 (1)

  • 2016-12-19 - Epicpkmn11 2.png // Similar base concept, but I added some cool lines and Poké Balls since I was getting back into Pokémon, also changed the font and made the text kinda angled cause angles are cool lol

    Epicpkmn11 (2)

  • 2018-07-20 - Epicpkmn11 3.png // Brace yourself, radical change time… Wait no, just blurred it a bit. I feel like this date is way off since iirc I made this very shortly after and this is what I was using for years, maybe I’m wrong though

    Epicpkmn11 (3)

  • 2019-01-08 - Epicpkmn11 CD 1.png // Wow, this I can both confirm is right ± maybe 5 days but I thought it was longer ago…

    Epicpkmn11 (Chief Delphi 1)

  • 2019-01-08 - Epicpkmn11 CD 2.png // Not even sure why I kept the last one, I didn’t even use it for a day, but these were both made specifically for Chief Delphi to incorporate our robotics team’s logo

    Epicpkmn11 (Chief Delphi 2)

  • 2019-01-16 - Pk11 1.png // Wait January? I thought it was later in 2019, guess it was January or I can time travel though, this is still one I sometimes use, though not as much recently (Yes, it is named 1 and no there isn’t a second)

    Pk11 (1)

  • 2019-11-15 - Evie 1.png // I started feeling that my old ones were a bit too impersonal, so I drew myself as a cat girl! ;P I wouldn’t say I dislike this drawing necessarily, but I do much prefer the style of my next one.
    // (These were drawn in Colors! for the Nintendo DS, as opposed to to my old ones all being from Paint.NET, I also finally know the exact dates since I uploaded them to Colors! Live. You can click these for full size since they were exported at max size)

    Evie (1)

  • 2020-02-13 - Evie 2.png // As of writing this I’d say that I legitimately like this picture, my last one just kinda felt a bit off. Not bad, just not quite right, it was my first real attempt to draw well… anything in like at least 5 years though. This one I think does a pretty good job capturing the feel I was going for. Maybe I’ll come back in another 3 months with something better, but for now I quite like it ^_^

    Evie (2)

Fan art sorta #

Apparently I’m popular enough to get fan art now ;P more like just art of me, but fan art sounds more fun