About #

Hi! I’m Evie, aka Pk11 or Epicpkmn11 on some older accounts. I’m a trans girl and I like DS(i) homebrew and just the Nintendo DSi in general, I’ve got DSi’s in English, Japanese, and Korean. I know some Japanese, and I can mostly read Hangul, but not understand it unless maybe if its a direct transliteration of English. I mostly code in C++ since that’s a language you can use for DS(i) homebrew, but I also know some Python, JavaScript, and a bit of Java. Below is just about every public account I have for things that I can remember:

(btw I prefer the pronunciation /ˈɛv.i/ (like エヴィー / 에비 / The E like in Egg), but don’t mind it like the Pokémon Eevee since I think that’s the more common way to pronounce Evie)

(Names displayed are mostly the screen names if that differs from the actual account name)

Main // Sites I use frequently #

Other // Sites I sometimes use #

  • Crowdin: Pk11 // Universal-Team translations are all on my account, reach out to me if you want to help translate something ^_^
  • Reddit: Evie_11, Epicpk11 (inactive) // Sometimes I try to help out on r/NDSHacks
  • Scribble Hub: Evie11 // I recommend you read like everything on my ‘Reading’ and ‘Read’ lists lol (Note: Very trans ;P)
  • Spotify: epicpkmn11 // ももいろクローバーZ is my favorite artist right now, with 行くぜっ!怪盗少女 being my favorite song
  • Twitch: Evie11_ // I don’t stream, I watch a few sometimes though
  • Twitter: Evie // Mostly just a way to get pictures off my Switch, I don’t like social media much ;P
  • YouTube: Pk11 // I’ve got some old unlisted videos, sometimes I even re-list them before remembering I don’t like them

Random // Sites I rarely use and/or are kinda random #

  • AO3: Evie11 // I haven’t written anything and don’t read all too many fanfics, so I don’t go on here all too often
  • Chief Delphi: Epicpkmn11 // I was in robotics in high school, I haven’t been on here since
  • Colors! Live: Evie11 // I posted my recent avatars here since they were made in Colors!, but DS support has been removed
  • Dailymotion: Pk11 // Uploaded a few Pokémon and Dinosaur King OP’s here, most got taken down for copyright
  • DEV: Pk11 // Like twitter for coding or something? idk, hacktoberfest said I’d get a badge thingy so I made an account
  • Fandom: Epicpkmn11 // I updated a little bit of the Dinosaur King things
  • GitLab: Pk11 // I helped out a bit with the Yamamura Discord bot and it was on here
  • Goodreads: evie11 // Basically just me rating books I’ve read 5 stars
  • Gravatar: Epicpkmn11: // A couple sites make me use this for my avatar
  • Instagram: Pk11 // Nothing really on here
  • LINE Timeline: Pk11 // I like LINE for texting, sometimes I post pictures on here
  • Listen.moe: Pk11 // When I get bored of my iTunes songs sometimes I listen on here
  • MangaDex: Evie11 // I don’t read manga all too much either, Magical Trans is good though
  • Minecraft: Pk11 // Don’t have a link for this one, but Minecraft’s fun ;P
  • Mixer: Epicpkmn11 // What I said for Twitch, but I haven’t used it in a few years
  • MobileRead: Pk11 // An eReader forum, as of now I haven’t done much here
  • nesdev: Pk11 // Made this so I could talk to nocash about Unlaunch
  • Scratch: Epicpkmn11 // lol, I did a couple things on here in 8th grade
  • Steam: Pk11 // I don’t play PC games much
  • PlayStation: epicpkmn11 // I play PlayStation games even less lol
  • The Mod Archive: Pk11 // I haven’t made any modules so not sure why I made an account…
  • Theme Plaza: Epicpkmn11 // My Suicune theme is the one I use on all my 3DS’s
  • Thingiverse: Pk11 // I’ve got a 3D Printer, but haven’t posted any models on here as of writing this
  • Transifex: Pk11: // A couple things I’ve translated for use this
  • Wattpad: Pk11 // Made this only to follow my sister’s friend’s classmate lol
  • Wikipedia: Epicpkmn11 (en, ja) // I haven’t done much, but I was bored and found the userboxes so I made user pages to put them on;P
  • Xbox Live: Epicpkmn11 // I play Xbox games even less than PlayStation games

If you’re curious, I started switching to Pk11 somewhere around early to mid 2019, I’ve retroactively changed as many things as I could to Pk11, but its often unavailable since its short and thus commonly taken and sometimes even too short to use outright, in which case I’ll usually still fall back to Epicpkmn11.

If you somehow find an account that you think is mine (would probably be Epicpkmn11 with my profile pic of the time) then feel free to email me or something lol, I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the public ones ;P

Profile pics #

I’ve kept every revision I’ve made to my profile pics over the years and Dropbox even has the last edit dates, though the times for any of these before near 2020 may actually not be quite when I started using them (especially the first one, I feel like that’s gotta be more like 2012) but definitely feel about right for when I was using them for most.

  • 2014-05-04 - Epicpkmn11 1.png // I made this for my YouTube way back when I was trying to make Minecraft videos

    Epicpkmn11 (1)

  • 2016-12-19 - Epicpkmn11 2.png // Similar base concept, but I added some cool lines and Poké Balls since I was getting back into Pokémon, also changed the font and made the text kinda angled

    Epicpkmn11 (2)

  • 2018-07-20 - Epicpkmn11 3.png // Brace yourself, radical change time… Wait no, just blurred it a bit. I feel like this date is way off since iirc I made this very shortly after and this is what I was using for years, maybe I’m wrong though

    Epicpkmn11 (3)

  • 2019-01-08 - Epicpkmn11 CD 1.png // Wow, this I can both confirm is right ± maybe 5 days but I thought it was longer ago…

    Epicpkmn11 (Chief Delphi 1)

  • 2019-01-08 - Epicpkmn11 CD 2.png // Not even sure why I kept the last one, I didn’t even use it for a day, but these were both made specifically for Chief Delphi to incorporate our robotics team’s logo

    Epicpkmn11 (Chief Delphi 2)

  • 2019-01-16 - Pk11 1.png // Wait January? I thought it was later in 2019, guess it was January or I can time travel though, this is still one I sometimes use, though not as much recently (Yes, it is named 1 and no there isn’t a second)

    Pk11 (1)

  • 2019-11-15 - Evie 1.png // I started feeling that my old ones were a bit too impersonal, so I drew myself as a nekomimi! ;P I wouldn’t say I dislike this drawing necessarily, but I do much prefer the style I achieved with my next one.
    // (These were drawn in Colors! for the Nintendo DS, as opposed to to my old ones all being from Paint.NET, I also finally know the exact dates since I uploaded them to Colors! Live. You can click these for full size since they were exported at max size)

    Evie (1)

  • 2020-02-13 - Evie 2.png // As of writing this I’d say that I legitimately like this picture, my last one just kinda felt a bit off. Not bad, just not quite right, it was my first real attempt to draw well… anything in like at least 5 years though. This one I think does a pretty good job capturing the feel I was going for. Maybe I’ll come back in another 3 months with something better, but for now I quite like it ^_^

    Evie (2)

// Both of my Evie ones have a few variants with trans flag backgrounds, I left them out though as their just different backgrounds

Fan art I guess #

Apparently I’m popular enough to get fan art now ;P more like just art of me, but fan art sounds more fun